Loxley Large Metal Brush Washer - 15cm Diameter (Loose Lid)

Loxley Large Metal Brush Washer - 15cm Diameter (Loose Lid)


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This high quality metal brush washer is designed to make cleaning brushes easier and preserve brushes in better condition. The large 15cm diameter and 15cm deep container has a lid (with no clamps) to keep the smell of the solvents contained when not cleaning brushes. For cleaning brushes the metal coil is positioned in the upright position, put the cleaning solvent solution in the container and sediment separator in to the container using the handle. The sediment separator has hole in it which are to be used to agitate the brushes against before suspending the brushes in the solution by the handle through the gaps in the metal coil. When the brush cleaning is finished, the paint sediment will collect under the sediment separator so the cleaner solvent can be drained off and reused and the dirty solution and the sediment can be disposed of.

- Suitable for most brush sizes and shapes

- helps to make brushes last longer and stay in better condition.

- Lid helps fumes escaping into studio space when not in use