Loxley Sustainable Timber Policy

Our Commitment

When the right approach is taken to timber production, there are huge benefits for the environment and local communities – both now and for future generations.   Well-managed forests capture carbon, provide habitat for wildlife, purify and regulate water courses, give employment and recreation opportunities for local residents, mitigate pollution and more.  Yet we are well aware that deforestation, illegal logging and other damaging practices do occur and as a purchaser and specifier of timber, Loxley are committed to ensuring that all wood used in our products is both ethically and legally grown and harvested.

Loxley are committed to:

  • Specifying externally accredited timber (such as FSC or PEFC) wherever feasible.
  • Where externally accredited timber is not feasible, using due diligence to ascertain the sustainability of the timber through other means.
  • Avoiding the use of timber whose origin is uncertain or at risk of being unsustainably or illegally procured.   Only when we can determine any residual risk is negligible will purchases be made.  This applies to all our contractors, subcontractors and supplier contracts.
  • Procuring timber only from reputable and established suppliers, who demonstrate sound and sustainable practice in all their activities.
  • Upholding the requirements of the EUTR regulations, plus regulations within the country of origin.
  • Encourage best practice among our suppliers through fair trading and open communication.

We meet these commitments by:

  • Gathering information and risk assessments:  Researching all relevant information, using such methods as physical visits and audits, desk-based research of trade information, NGO and government reports, supplier contracts and questionnaires.
  • Working closely with stakeholders in a transparent and accountable way.
  • Awareness and training of staff and suppliers involved in timber procurement.
  • Undertaking regular risk re-assessments.  Where risks are identified, steps will be taken to mitigate these as soon as possible.
  • Continuing to improve sustainability of our own operations whilst encouraging suppliers and customers to do the same.
  • Only using tropical hardwoods and other at risk timbers if they are 100% FSC or PEFC certified.

Is Loxley FSC accredited?

Loxley is a small company and thus the cost and administrative burden of FSC auditing is relatively large, so we have not yet made this leap.  Although we use FSC accredited timber were feasible (in line with our above policy) and purchase from multiple FSC registered suppliers, we are not registered in our own right so are not licensed to use the FSC logo.

Becoming FSC registered is our aspiration, in the meantime we operate the above policy in order to support best practice in sustainability.