Ways to Store and Transport Artwork

How to Store your Artwork

– It is important to make sure you keep your artwork out of direct sunlight, as the UV rays can cause your painting to fade and it can break the strength of the canvas. So make sure you not only store your artwork correctly but also display your artwork on the wall in an area that will not get direct sunlight.

– Make sure you do not ruin your artwork by storing it on the floor. If your artwork is on the floor it can can become vulnerable to any kind of damage. Try and get a canvas rack or a storage system in order to keep your artwork tidy and off the floor. 

– It is important to keep your artwork in a cool, dry place. When moisture gets in, it can cause mold to grow, and then once mold is on the canvas, it is nearly impossible to remove. Make sure you store your artwork in a cool, dry place, that is away from humidity and moisture. 

– It is important you store your artwork in an upright position, so it doesn’t loosen or sag over time. Not only does keeping your artwork upright to maximize space, it also keeps the dust and any debris off the surface.


Ways to Transport your Artwork

There are many ways to transport your artwork, and it is important you get it right, as it is during transport that your artwork is at most risk of damage. 

Wrap your artwork – It is important to wrap your artwork in some form of suitable protective wrap in order to protect it from moisture damage, as well as any physical damage caused when in transit. 

Box your artwork – You can buy specifically designed cardboard boxes for transporting artwork in order to prevent them from being damaged. It is best if you leave 3cm – 4cm around your artwork for additional protective wrap. 

If you are transporting small canvases or paper then Portfolios or Transportation Tubes are a good option to consider. 


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