Michael Harding Celebrates 40 Years of Trading

Michael Harding Artists' Oil Colours have a long history of excellence since 1982. They are renowned for their superior quality and craftsmanship. These oil paints offer a high concentration of premium pigments ground in refined cold-pressed linseed oil. With no fillers, extenders, or driers, users can expect clean, rich, and brilliant colours with excellent lightfastness and buttery consistency. Numerous world-renowned painters, including David Hockney, Chris Ofili, and Sir Howard Hodgkin, have endorsed this product.
The Tunbridge Wells Collection of Colours are a new range launched to celebrate 40 Years of this fantastic brand and is named after Michael's first location of making paint. The 10 colours are available in 40ml, 60ml and 225ml or as a set in the 40ml.

The 10 Colours in this collection and in the Tunbridge Wells Set are:

Neutral Grey N7

Phthalo Blue Red Shade

Turners Yellow

Moss Green

Vivid Blue



Brilliant Orange

Rose Dore

Cadmium Green