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The Importance of Art in Interior Design

Art can either make or break a room, so it is important to understand the role art plays in any space, whether it be your living room or a work office. Many designers use art to help achieve a variety of things such as, to tell a story, add life to a space or to create a focal point. 

Art Provides An Colour Palette

It can be a very daunting experience when you have to choose a colour palette for your interiors. With hundreds of different shades and tints, it can be very difficult to narrow down your paint choice, so why not start searching for wall art instead. Once you have found your artwork, you can then draw inspiration from this for your room either by picking out colours that are within your artwork or choosing a colour that complement your artwork. It is important you choose the dominant colour first, and then a few additional shades. 


Art makes a room feel finished

Often art is left until the last minute, yet it is one of the most important elements in a space. Art is that finishing touch that can help pull a space together and make it feel finished. It is just that little touch that can transform your space. 

It is important to choose the correct artwork that fits in with the decorating style that you have chosen for the space. 


Adds Texture to a Space

It is important to add texture to a space, and art is an effective and fun way to do it. Try to find art in a variety of different mediums, to help bring in a variety of textures. In addition to paintings, why not try pieces such as, sculptures or shadow boxes to add some depth to your space. 


It Creates A Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point, or that design element that will draw the eye into the space. Art is often used to create this focal point, however, it is important to consider the size. You can either hang a painting above the mantle piece or above a bed. 


Benefits of having Art in Interior Design

  • Art allows people to express their personality and their beliefs.
  • Art encourages dialogue and inspires our imaginations. Especially, children are fascinated by art, as it can expand their perceptions of reality and teach them how to be creative.
  • Art improves the quality of our lives and our living spaces. It adds warmth and texture to your space. 
  • Art lets us think about new ideas, explore and experience new perspectives in life. It helps us take a moment away from our busy lives.

The Importance of Art in Interior Design