Susan Sheen Art

Question: Can you tell us about yourself/your artistic background and education?

Artist: I am a self-taught artist who returned to painting a few years ago. My formal training was a completed my O level art in1982. I went on to raise my children, and after taking a painting class with my son, I rediscovered my love for painting. I had never tried acrylics before and felt they were perfect for me.


Question: Can you take us through the process that you go through to complete your masterpieces?

Artist: I choose a mood, and a colour to suit it. When I am ready to paint, I sit for a while and look at all the colours I have, and select the ones that suit the mood of the day, and explore how my emotions influence my colour choice.


Question: What is it about landscapes that draws you to paint them?

Artist: The elements. I love the way nature changes so much throughout any given day, and season. The power of the weather and how it can change a landscape draws me in and I love to create something that can tell a story.


Question: Throughout your time painting what has been the most important thing you have learnt?

Artist: To use the right products. Starting out, I would say just use something affordable and fun, but once you find your way it is worth investing in good quality products. That is why I use Loxley canvases. The quality of the surface is amazing, and the rounded edges ensure there are no lines coming through to the front of the canvas. They are really solid and finished to the highest standard.


Question: Do you have any art influencers? If so, what are they?

Artist: I love looking through Instagram to see what other artists are creating but, overall, I trust what feels right and love trying to maintain my individuality and uncaged styles. Trying to settle on just one style can limit my creativity, so I am always exploring techniques and different mediums.


Question: What makes a good day for you?

Artist: Starting something new and keeping the flow going. If I lose the feeling on a painting it often changes dramatically from where it started, and I must learn to stop before I overpaint. So, a good day would be painting and knowing when to stop.


Question: Do you showcase or exhibit any of your work? If so, where can we find your work?

Artist: I exhibit my work with First for Art. We are an exhibition-only group and display and sell our work three times a year at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, Surrey. I originally started the group for my son, as he felt he did not fit into many art groups. He has Asperger’s and did not want to meet and paint with people but wanted to exhibit. I found quite a few other artists who also wanted to exhibit their work, and we now support new artists and those who have not exhibited before.


Question: What are your future plans, and how do you see your career as an artist’s developing?

Artist: In the future I plan to work on larger canvases and find more places to exhibit my work. As an artist, I want to develop my different styles and see what ultimately works best for me. At the end of the day, I paint to express myself and enjoy what I am doing, and I am delighted if the finished artwork makes a connection with someone else.