Oil Painting Accessories

Discover a vast array of accessories designed specifically for oil painting, each catering to different oil techniques you may employ. The accessories you'll require will vary depending on your chosen technique.


Our Artist Oil Paint is made from the finest binders and pigments to give a paint with great handling properties and covering power. These paints are a type of slow-drying paint, however, the viscosity of the paint can be altered by using oil painting mediums, such as turpentine or white spirit, and varnish. Each colour can be used with other brands of oil paint, mediums and varnishes.

Loxley Artist Oil Colour
Loxley Ashgate Oil Colour 490ml
Student Oil Paint Assorted Colour

Oil Painting Mediums are used to alter the transparency, consistency, or drying time of oil paint. It is important to know when and how to use mediums, as they can help to control your paint and develop your painting techniques. 

Depending on which mediums you use, you can achieve a variety of different sheens and and either shorten or extend the drying time of the paint. 

When using the mediums you can either mix them with the paint directly on your palette, or dip your brush into the mediums like you would do with water. 

Artists' Refined Linseed Oil
Artists Fast Drying Oil Medium

The two qualities to look when choosing a oil painting brush is the ‘spring’ and ‘shape’ resiliency. It is important that the brush has enough spring, so it responds well when making a stroke. Make sure you get the right balance when it comes to the ‘spring’ of the brush, as it should give a little but not too much. Also, the other factor to consider is the ‘shape’. You will know if your brush is high quality as it holds it shape better, therefore making each stroke more controlled. Often, once you start painting with oil paints you quickly learn what sizes and shapes of brushes you need to create the effects you want to achieve. 

Loxley 'Uni' Hog Flat Brush

Traditionally a thin wooden palette (often a kidney shape) was used by oil painters, but you can also use either a white palette or a pad of disposable sheets to lay our your oil paints or mix the colours together. 

Wooden Palette

A stable 5mm plywood palette that is treated and ready to use with oil paints. The palette has a cut thumb hole for holding providing comfort and balance.

White Kidney Palette

Classic kidney shaped Artists’ mixing palette made from strong plastic, providing a large uninterrupted area for mixing paints such as acrylics and oils. Based on the classic artist’s palette shape, with thumb hole and indented side, it enables a comfortable and balanced hold whilst the white surface makes it easier to achieve the desired colour mix. The smooth, flat, easy-clean surface means you’ll be using this time and time again. This large palette gives ample scope for mixing space and laying out your colours yet the material means it is lighter weight than the traditional wooden versions.

Loxley Expendable Palette

Loxley Expendable Tear-Off Paper Palette has 36 Sheets of disposable parchment palette which are impervious to oil and acrylic paint, providing a great mixing surface that can be torn out of the pad and disposed of after use saving valuable time when cleaning up. The pad has a card base that give rigidity and a thumb hole for holding when painting.

Wooden Oval Palette

Wooden Oblong Palette

Flat White Kidney Palette
Loxley Expendable Palette

Palette knives and Painting knives are useful tools when working with oil paint as they can be used for mixing paint or to apply thick paint directly on to the canvas. 

Palette knives are very useful for mixing paint and many artists use them to paint with. You can either buy stainless steel palette knives which are ideal as they do not rust, or plastic palette knives, which are made specifically for oils. 

Painting knives are used to apply paint to the canvas. They come in different shapes and lengths, allowing you to create a range of strokes, marks and unique effects. The three different areas of the blade allow you to use the tip for detailed work, the flat surface for broader, wider strokes and the edge for lines. 


Loxley Gold Palette Knives
Loxley Ashgate Palette Knives
Plastic Palette Knife Set