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From the outset Loxley had goodness and quality at the core of its foundation, a strength instilled with innovation and an attitude to overcome obstacles, that has formed the brand as it is today. As needs and Society change so do our products and services, continuously striving to improve every aspect of the Loxley experience.

From our materials to our support services to artists and art lovers, everything Loxley does is for the promotion and enjoyment of art. We at Loxley are truly grateful for the many artists who have brought our materials to life, using their talent to produce thousands of treasured paintings and works of art for the enrichment of countless art lovers.

Art is intensely personal and that is why we offer so many different painting surfaces, easel designs, tools and sundries, giving the widest viable range of sizes and finishes. The iconic Loxley® Gold canvas was the first triple primed surface of its type. The company also pioneered the deep Chunky™ canvas and the clean edge, wrap around canvas. In consultation with artists using palette knives to apply the paint, Loxley developed curved-edge cross bars to prevent the old problem of unwanted ‘paint rub-lines’ appearing in the finished picture.



Quality canvases are an essential component of any painting, and it is crucial to invest in the best. Loxley has been dedicated to crafting top-notch canvases for artists for numerous decades. Whether you choose the renowned Gold range or the recently introduced Mayfair range, our collections cater to various mediums such as acrylic, oil, and mixed media. We take pride in providing artists with the finest canvases to bring their artistic visions to life.

Our bestselling Loxley Gold range comes in the Chunky depth and Standard depth. The stretcher frames are both made from sustainably sourced kiln dried pine with an 11oz, medium grain, 100% cotton surface that is tripled primed. The Chunky canvas is primed with a universal white acrylic gesso primer and is staple free with a 38mm depth edge. This range comes in 54 different sizes. Whereas, the standard depth canvas is primed with universal primer and the canvas is fastened with staples at the back. This range comes in 30 different sizes and is half the depth of the chunky style (18mm). 

Loxley Ashgate comes in both chunky depth and traditional depth. They are both made from good quality materials. The canvas is a 10oz medium grain, 100% pure cotton which is then double primed and the frames are made from sustainable kiln dried pine. Both ranges have clean wrapped staple free edges. The Chunky comes in 23 different sizes and the traditional comes in 9 different sizes. 

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Our Artist Oil Paint is made from the finest binders and pigments to give a paint with great handling properties and covering power. These paints are a type of slow-drying paint, however, the viscosity of the paint can be altered by using oil painting mediums, such as turpentine or white spirit, and varnish. Each colour can be used with other brands of oil paint, mediums and varnishes.

Loxley Artist Oil Colour

Loxley Ashgate Oil Colour 490ml

Student Oil Paint Assorted Colour

Oil Painting Mediums are used to alter the transparency, consistency, or drying time of oil paint. It is important to know when and how to use mediums, as they can help to control your paint and develop your painting techniques. 

Depending on which mediums you use, you can achieve a variety of different sheens and and either shorten or extend the drying time of the paint. 

When using the mediums you can either mix them with the paint directly on your palette, or dip your brush into the mediums like you would do with water. 

Artists' Refined Linseed Oil

Artists Fast Drying Oil Medium

Artists Oil Painting Medium



Our Loxley Hobby Acrylic Paint is a range of highly pigmented, water-based acrylic colours especially formulated for use in model making, up cycling and general hobby use. The paint is suitable to use on paper, card, canvas, wood, plastic, metal, plaster… making them ideal for canvas painting, folkart, furniture upcycling and many other arts and crafts. They are faster drying than oils, and can easily be manipulated.

Hobby Acrylic Paint

Loxley Modum Acrylic


Our Loxley Professional Watercolour is recognised for its outstanding quality and performance which is achieved by using only the purest and finest pigments. This range of moist, rich vibrant paints has been developed to give the greatest level of permanence from the most balanced selection of pigments. Each colour within the spectrum of 59 colours is specially formulated to give artists the choice they need when creating artwork. There are 4 series available in a generous 10ml tube.

Loxley Professional Watercolour

Student Colour Sets - Poster Colour Set

Koh-I-Noor Brilliant Watercolour Set

Watercolour Disc Set


Watch artist Beverley Sweetman creates her beautiful painting of the Puffin with Loxley Professional Watercolour.





We want to make sure our brushes are available to everyone, whether a professional artist or student. Our synthetic, sable and hog brushes are durable and can be used with a variety of different painting mediums, such as acrylic, oil, watercolour and gouache. 

Synthetic hair brushes, are ideal if you have a tight budget or if you just want an alternative to natural hair brushes. These brushes can be either soft or stiff, the soft brushes are ideal for watercolours and the stiff brushes are ideal for oils. 

Our Loxley SNOWCAP synthetic brushes are made from high quality white nylon which has been developed for acrylic and watercolour.

Sable brushes are ideal for detailed and precision marks, as they maintain a perfect point which allows you to keep control whilst painting. These brushes high quality brushes are also absorbent, so they hold a lot of colour, allowing you to create a unique flow. 

Hog hair brushes are an ideal choice if you are using oil or acrylic paints. You can tell if your brush is good quality as it will have the stiffest hair and will allow the brush to carry more colour. Whereas, a poor quality hog brush is soft and tends to splay, therefore making it more difficult to control. 


Brush Cleaner


Our Brush Cleaner & Preserver Soap is an essential product for all artists and hobbyists who care about their brushes. This product effortlessly cleans brushes, whatever medium has been used, even if paint has dried on the bristles. The brush cleaner is a hard soap which is worked into a lather by agitating the surface with the brush and warm water, rinse with warm water to remove the lather and lose paint and then repeat as many times as needed until the brush is thoroughly clean. 

Our Loxley Liquid Brush Cleaner & Restorer is formulated to clean and restore and make artists brushes last longer. It remove oil, acrylic and varnish from brushes even if dried and hardened.

Loxley Brush Cleaner & Preserver Soap

Loxley Liquid Brush Cleaner & Restorer





Each Easel offers different benefits to different artists. They provide stability and make it easier to move freely when painting. The more sturdier the easel, the more it enables artists to be loose and energetic when painting. Whereas, if you are working on a smaller surface with finer, delicate brushstrokes than a lightweight easel could be an ideal option. 

Display Easels are a popular way for artists to showcase their finished work. They are very useful for taking to a show or an art exhibition as they are lightweight and portable.

Sketching Easels are either made from aluminium or wood. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and are portable making them ideal for travelling.

Studio Easels are designed for indoor use and are more stable and heavy duty then other easels. They are also made for longevity and provide comfort and support while you paint. 

Table Easels are easy to set up and easy to put away again. They are very useful if you do not have a permanent space for painting as you can just move it around to suit your needs. There are a few models that have a small storage area, which is great if you need to pack your things up quickly. 

Display Easels

Sketching Easels

Studio Easels

Table Easels






Loxley premium artists’ pencils in a presentation set of 12. The selection of grades enable diverse effects to be created making the set ideal for expressive free style sketching as well as detailed illustrative work. These pencils have a unique colour coded ends to match the grade to make it easier to select the right pencil whilst working on your artwork. Grades included in this set are 8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, & 2H




Loxley quality oil pastels are a great medium to use they are clean, easy to control and can be used on their own or along with other mediums. Their brilliance of colour, long open drying time and creamy softness allows for some great textures and subtle gradients to be produced. Each pastel is 7cm long and 1cm diameter. Available in a range of 3 different size sets of assorted colours.


Loxley compressed charcoal sticks are designed to give more intense, stronger tones than traditional willow charcoal and enable greater detail and control. Each stick is formed from powdered charcoal which is mixed with a gum binder and measures 88mm long and 9mm in diameter. There is a black set of 12 sticks and the assorted grey set which has 12 sticks from black through shades of grey to white both are non-toxic.

Loxley artists’ willow charcoal is made from willow stick carefully selected for size, texture and hardness. The sticks are then slowly charred in the absence of Oxygen to produce a soft velvety medium of even consistency. Use Fixative to prevent artwork from smudging.


Loxley Spray Fixative is a colourless non-yellowing medium with UV protection for use on charcoal, pencil, pastel, crayon, chalk drawing & paintings. For Charcoal, Pastel, and Pencil Etc. Loxley Fixative is used both during and after the drawing process. Apply to the work in progress to ‘fix’ layers and prevent smudging; allow a minute to dry then continue with the drawing. The final coat will protect the finished picture from the elements and from smudging. For Watercolour, Acrylic and Digital Print: Loxley Fixative gives finished paintings a protective, non-gloss barrier to slow down the aging process caused by UV rays and humidity. Loxley Fixative can also be used in the restoration of artwork. Available in both 200ml and 400ml.