Gina Love: Abstract Artist

Question: Can you tell us about yourself/your artistic background and education?

Artist: My earliest memories are drawing literally constantly and I wanted to be an illustrator. I studied Art at GCSE, then was encouraged to give it up for A Level. I clearly remember my teacher saying you can do Art as a hobby, I had an eating disorder which started when I was growing up, and I’m sure giving up art was a huge factor in how out of control things became for me when I was 16-18. I went properly off the rails because I was struggling so much with anorexia/ bulimia, and had my first breakdown at 17. This eventually led to me studying the year long art foundation course as a way back into higher education, and I studied Fine Art Painting at university. It was then I truly became a proper artist, painting out of visions at 5am. I used to paint on pieces of wood and set fire to parts of paintings in the sculpture studio. After graduating, I fell into the abyss of trying to earn money in temping jobs. I carried on sewing, writing and creating but it was all in sketchbooks until my sister suggested posting things on Instagram in around 2015. That’s when things changed for me, and I started to get some exhibitions under my belt, and write for magazines. 


Question: Can you take us through the process that you go through to complete your masterpieces?

Artist: Being an artist is full time living and breathing art, and you are often constantly inspired. You might be thinking about certain colours, dreaming about paintings you are working on, and I often just wake up with a feeling, or colour obsession and have to get it out of me. I can sometimes apply paint by literally Chucking it, pouring it, and use slightly mad tools like sticks, pieces of wood to get texture into my work. 

Art is also a daily therapy for my anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and painting helps provide moments of calm during this mad world we live in. 

Question: What drew you to starting painting abstract art?

Artist: During the Art foundation course, you rotate subjects over the first few weeks. Illustration, fashion, photography, sculpture, textiles, and I completely went into it thinking I’d do fashion or illustration. But I couldn’t connect to any of those subjects properly until it was Fine Art week. I was very ill with bulimia and painting was the only thing that helped me escape the obsessive thinking patterns I’d been living with. As cliche as it sounds, art let me express myself in ways that words couldn’t at that point in my life. 


Question: Throughout your time painting what has been the most important thing you have learnt?

Artist: Remember you have something to say. People won’t always like your work but it doesn’t matter. 

Paint for you and keep that at the core, even as you sell work and do commissions. You’ve gotta feel it.  There will always be someone with more followers than you, someone selling more, but if you pull it back to the main reason you started doing this, and why you continue to, that’s where it really matters. 

Question: What are your most important tools you use to create your masterpiece?

Artist: I use a lot of cutlery to create texture in my work. Look out for it! 

I paint all the time, and don’t pressurise myself to make the perfect piece constantly, the best ones often drive me crazy and evolve constantly. They don’t always end up like the vision I initially had. I also think it’s important to enjoy the process, and give yourself space to just create with no agenda. 


Question: Do you have any art influencers? If so what are they?

Artist: I try not to get into names, but a true artist for me is Anyone who believes in what they do, has a story to tell, and just keeps creating! 


Question: Do you showcase or exhibit any of your work? If so, where can we find your work

Artist: I’ve recently been featured in in Elle Decoration Magazine, am going to be in House and Garden Magazine next month, and I’ve got an interview in the Lockdown Collaborations book which recently launched. 

I’m working on some exhibition ideas, maybe an art fair, and until then I’ll be in the studio painting at 5am. See you on Instagram! I’m @glove_example