Beth Garner - Landscape Artist

Question: Can you tell us about yourself/your artistic background and education?

Artist: I’m a self-taught artist living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I paint atmospheric landscapes and sell a variety of colourful abstract greeting cards. I started painting in my late twenties as a way to relax and was quickly hooked, soon painting every day. There’s no stopping me now, I’m obsessed!


Question: Can you take us through the process that you go through to complete your masterpieces?

Artist: I am led by my intuition which at the moment sees me opting for a lot of dark blue tones. I often work on several pieces at once, fuelled by a good playlist and copious amounts of tea and coffee. Working on numerous paintings at the same time helps me stay in flow while allowing each layer to dry.


Question: What is it about landscapes that draws you to paint them?

Artist: I’m fascinated by the way the landscapes around us change from day to day, through the seasons and over the years and the relationships we build with them over a lifetime. I want to capture the energy of these places at different times; the excitement as the world wakes up for another day, the song of the wind as it rushes through the city, a contented sunset or perhaps the anticipation of a looming snow cloud.


Question: Throughout your time painting what has been the most important thing you have learnt?

Artist: To stay curious. With art, there is always so much to discover, be it a new style, medium or approach. The same is true for life itself – we have to stay curious and nurture a childlike wonder and discover new things as often as possible. But from a very practical side of things, artists, be careful how you store your work. Sometimes I stack my canvases but if you don’t take care or add too many to a pile, they can become dented.  


Question: Do you have any art influencers? If so what are they?

Artist: I’m fascinated by local photographer Adam Bulley’s ( ability to capture the majesty of the city. His shot of Edinburgh castle shrouded in a ghostly haar is absolutely stunning.

Question: What makes a good day for you?

Artist: Getting outside every day is important to me, so I’d have to say a walk up Arthur’s Seat at sunrise followed by returning to the studio and setting up for a day of painting – coffee and music are a must. Then nipping out again for a beach walk at sunset followed by fish and chips takes a good day to a great day!


Question: Do you showcase or exhibit any of your work? If so, where can we find your work?

Artist: I’m currently working on a solo exhibition for 2022. You can collect available work via my website or visit my Instagram to see what I’m currently working on.


Question: What are your future plans, and how do you see your career as an artist’s developing?

Artist: I would like to have more exhibitions and continue documenting the paintings I create in the landscapes I love (as you can see in the photos). I think work and office spaces need more art, if you agree, get in touch!